How to choose a name for my blog.  Hmmmm…. Put on your life vest, here we go-

Maybe I’ll just call myself Seapunk2, yeah, that’s it, wow, that was easy.  HA!

Here are five considerations –

  1. I grew up near the Atlantic Ocean and loved it.
  2. I live within a 3 mile radius of the Pacific Ocean and love it.
  3. I wanted to make fun of and show my disdain for crappy Steampunk ‘art”
  4. I had to differentiate myself from the grungy Sea Punk Movement.
  5. Someone already had the name Seapunk and I wanted to be Seapunk, too!

In my post celebrating-25-the-hundred-child-steps  you learn how close I was to the Atlantic Ocean.  I dreamed of the ocean and was terrified by what on both sides of it.  Now I enjoy all the beauty of the rugged Pacific Ocean in this pristine and unique area of the world.  I have to be of the sea!

And then there’s Steampunk.


Steampunk (Photo credit: floorvan)

To my dismay, the concept of Steampunk diluted so deeply as to include clothing, movies, games, fashion, couture and anything tangible that someone can stick a gear or machine part on.  I’m certain that valuable and rare timepieces get ripped apart for the inner workings.   Said parts are often strewn together in a mish-mash of trashy exploitation.  By removing a few letters from Steampunk, I mirror those activities and my name becomes a statement for what I think of the ripping apart of true Steampunk art and destruction of valuable and overlooked timepieces for nothing other than a world of junk.

There actually IS a Sea Punk movement.  I don’t follow it, but here’s a link to what it’s about.  Old hippies never die, so being a Sea Punk isn’t an option.  the-sea-punk-movement

Finally, someone was using the name Seapunk already and the next option was for me to be one, too!

And there you have it, Seapunk2.

What do you think of the name I chose?  What is your view on the Steampunk movement in art and crafts?  Were you aware of the Sea Punk movement among mostly young people?  What do you think of it?  Do you wear any kind of timepiece and do you have ideas on preserving valuable clocks and watches?  I would love to hear your views!  Please take the time to comment and share this post with any of the links below because I need the exposure.  Thank you!