Please consider going cruelty-free. The PETA site has a very good list of companies. Even the big box store has its own brand, though not labeled as such.

MODA Magazine

by Jen Anderson


What if I told you that the eye shadow you’re wearing was tested directly on the eyes of innocent bunnies that reacted so badly to the product their sight was permanently affected? What if I told you that the product was still put on the market despite this outcome? Though this is a fictional example, very real and often very worse results are a horrific industry norm.

Animal testing is a troubling reality, and especially scary given that more and more cosmetic brands are choosing to test their products on animals in order to expand their reach to other countries and customers. Animal testing is not safe. It is not painless. And it is certainly not valid. It is unjust to raise animals for the sole purpose of testing, to make naive animals suffer in the name of beauty.


Recently, I became very concerned when I discovered…

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