About a month from now, the red huckleberry will be waiting for picking. Our small fruit orchard is growing beautifully and we are planning to cover most every inch of space with trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and so on. The horses now have a small pasture to graze on for an hour or two each day, until the rainy season returns. We’re all very happy here.



A wonderful place to live, this!  It’s berry picking season, and the varieties numerous!

Red huckleberries aren’t for everyone, being tart, and hard to reach.  I spent an hour or two recently gathering some.  You can see how tiny they are, and every berry I gathered is in that small bowl.  Crushed them, mixed a bit of organic sugar in, and served it warm on ice cream.  Wow!  What a punch of flavor!

Seems that the spiders and moths are more active and visible in spring and fall.  It’s not fall yet, but it’s coming, as the nights are cooler and the fog and mist are back in the mornings.

This little moth resembles a bit of redwood bark!  Clever camouflage and astounding what Mother Nature can do with even the tiniest of creatures.  But wait!  What of this?

Every insect, creature, plant seems so perfectly formed! Beautiful symmetry!

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