Late in March of 2012, I began blogging, the purpose being to practice writing, to test my interests and find my voice.  During that time, my purpose and hopes for my writing changed.

Blogging a book seemed a great idea!  And it is, if you, as a blogger have an excellent following on which you can draw readers to the final printed (per se) work.

Being trendy has never been a part of me, nor have I ever appealed to the mass of social networking agendas.  I’m just different.

I have learned, however, that I’ve never lost my interest in writing.  I’ve enjoyed the process of writing, and the feedback I’ve received from the few who’ve read my blogs pages.

I’ve also learned that I have many voices and over time, I hope to express at least some of them.

I read of a woman who could not get her work published for forty years, and published it herself, eventually.  When someone wanted a copy, she had one ready. Her drive to write, have it published was success enough.

I think this is me.  I’ve figured out that it doesn’t matter if anyone reads a book I publish, in my lifetime, or ever!  Ultimately, I want to be a published author.  I can do that without readers or a huge social network to sell my books to.  Most members of my family don’t read my writing, so why expect anyone else to be loyal to my blog posts, or authored books?

I feel at peace with this.  Writing is a process, and I enjoy that process immensely.

You may see that there are hundreds of followers here.  Rarely do I get ten likes or comments on a blog post.  The numbers are very deceiving!

With that in mind, I plan to write here once per month and only about my progress as a writer and my writing experiences.

I’m considering another blog on one subject only, and I plan to visit you here regularly.

Thanks to everyone who’s provided support, enjoyed, laughed or cried here.