On May 25, 2013, March against Monsanto, a non-violent public protest takes place all over the world.

If you have concerns about genetically modified food going in to your body and the bodies of your children,




It doesn’t matter where you live.  I plan to drive to Eureka, California, for my participation, from Crescent City, California.

Couple worldwide activism with knowledge!  The result can be greater than the power of money!  Our lives depend on it.

Some say that this march will accomplish little.  This is a beginning; citizens of the world taking back the right to choose and know our own food, either from our gardens, our farmers or our neighbors.

This is an unfortunate circumstance which needs to be addressed systematically, before the big agricultural corporations take over the world food supply.  Even seeds are being outlawed, patented!!

Imagine what the world would be like if the food supply was controlled by one corporation, sanctioned by government!

Please, find an event near you.  With Barack Obama and the Monsanto Protection Act, our food, our choices, our liberties, our freedoms, are blatantly threatened. Monsanto is laughing at the world’s citizens.  Here is the truth-


Makes me wonder what Obama’s little girls are eating…

Or Monsanto employees…

It’s not just about me, it’s about all the children, our pets, all living things on earth and the balance of nature.

Please peruse the links above and note the blog posts below in the related articles.

Don’t wait for someone else to do something!

To your health!