My son has lost his wife, Sheila.  Their child has lost her mother.


After a long and complicated illness of uncertain origin, Sheila has passed and as in the image above, she has left this world for another.

As Roman Catholic, they held a funeral and mass, followed by cremation, with all members of the family attending.  My son, grieving, mourning.

I can’t be there – they are a long way from Crescent City.

Sheila was a Peruvian citizen, as is Lucia.

Strangely, Sheila lost her mother at an early age, and Lucia suffers the same fate.

 My son, a strong father and respected family member,

will continue parenting, loving, nurturing.

Together, they had hoped for a simple life in Cuzco.

The hope should not wane.

  Perhaps I am there, with them.

We are ONE, after all.