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six word memoir

In my last post, I mentioned the blog, Three Hundred Sixty-Five (hereinafter referred to as 365).  Fransi at 365 has issued a challenge for all of us to write six words on any topic of our choosing.  Here’s a link to her post on this challenge.  Below are a few of Fransi’s tips to get you started:

Come up with a six-word memoir of your own.  Let’s make it really interesting:

It can be autobiographical.
It can explain what compels you to write, or paint, or take photographs.
It can be about the joys of being creative.
It can be about the challenges.

Next, post the challenge on your blog, so all of your readers and followers get the message.  Become engaged.  Participate.  And pass it on.  And on.  And on.  Until WordPress is literally flooded with six-word essays.

Express yourselves only with words.  Six of them, remember.  Not less. …

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