Lately, TONS of people are following my blog.  That’s it. Following.

No likes, no comments, no reading of much.  Following.

Every day, a TON of new people read, written nearly one year ago.

a ton

Frankly, I’m puzzled, and that’s saying a lot. What are they following?  The Lunch Menu?

Does the TON expect more humorous posts about lunchtime?  Are they expecting recipes? Are they waiting for a heavenly sign to lift their spirits?


What directs the TON to click the follow button?  Where are they coming from?

Have I lost my marvels, I mean, marbles on the way to the kitchen?

way to kitchen

Is the post THAT funny?  Is it published somewhere and the TONS stumble upon it?

I heard a family member attempt to read it aloud.  I couldn’t shrink small enough, it was thoroughly embarrassing.  If I wrote what I heard, then I demand to be exiled from the planet, or the very least, the word factory in my head.

keep left

It’s okay, the right side works just as well as the left.

Do I have to feed the TONS?

  I hope not, I already feed over a TON a day here at home.


What are you all doing here, anyway?  Doesn’t look like much…


I’m wondering if it’s some new kind of spam, or a way to direct me to their lunch menus or even a rouse for a sales pitch.  If that’s it, I eat organically. Further, having sold cars in a former life, I’m not an easy sell, because I’m fully aware of all the automated crap that spews from your face, or fingertips.

sales pitch

I went back and read the blog post.  It’s amusing.

I suppose some would find it funny, like ha ha kind of funny, and some, entertaining, and some may write their own funny stuff, with my post as a jumping off point.

Some may even find it thoroughly unacceptable.


If I average out 200 people at 180 pounds each,

I am carrying an extra 36000 pounds of followers,

and that easily quantifies the TONS.

Maybe they should follow me to the moon.

There, the 200 and I will weigh a mere 6000 pounds.

I think I can handle three TONS who say nothing,

in place of the eighteen who say the same.  Ready?

weightless dog

I know I am!