Disco ball in blue

Disco ball in blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, while my mom slept, I went out for a fast walk.  I can usually pass most anyone on the street with my healthy stride.  An hour later, I was back at Mom’s house.

When I opened the door, I heard disco tunes playing loudly, the tunes I’d danced and drank to, in my early twenties, another life.  I instantly recalled the people, events and situations which now, seem so far away, as to belong to someone else.

My mother was dancing playfully in the front room.  I took my sneakers off and joined her.

When she’d had enough, we sat, and my mother opened up with stories of her life, her father, mother and siblings.  She certainly felt as I do, the past seems so far away, so unlike what we may do today, as to belong to someone else.

I’m grateful for the stories, some of which I laughed heartily, some poignant, and some shocking.  Not shocking for me, personally, nothing ever surprises me about people.  Perhaps shocking in the sense of the audacity that people have in the acts and activities they involve themselves in.

So, it was another day of talking and listening.  It was my mother’s turn, and I have an understanding of how I came to be on earth.  Some might call me a mistake, but NO!  I don’t feel like a mistake, nor does my mother.  I feel certainly, my life is far from a mistake.

I’ve reached many, soothed hundreds, spoken kind words to uncountable people.  Conversed with strangers, entertained thousands, enlightened those who want to hear.  I’ve loved and provided for many living creatures, expecting nothing in return.

My life could not be a mistake.  Though my deceased birth father and grand mother must have thought it such, it was their loss not to know me.  Ah, but would they recognize such loss?  Perhaps not.

Today I’ll do a bit of second hand shopping, take some photographs and fill my nose with the blooming jasmine.  I’ll worry little about my animals, who are in my husband’s loving hands.

This is a most wonderful time of life.