English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the second time this week, we took Muriel to the beach.  My favorite place, Point St. George, has miles and miles of beach, rocks, shells, anemone, sea star, bones, big ocean and fun.

Today, Miss Muriel met some dogs and had an opportunity to say hello to some human beings.  One of those human beings carried treats.

When dogs came into sight, we put the leash back on her.  We were told that she was human and dog aggressive and frankly, we’re not seeing any of it.  She behaved like quite the little princess.  We’re so very proud of her and as she continues to heal and grow from her 15 months in a tiny dog pound cage, she demonstrates the extraordinary understanding and intelligence she possesses.

On the way home, we comment about what we see in the streets.  It’s an odd place, Crescent City.  All kinds of people live here.  Sometimes we  notice someone and we can’t help making up little stories and laughing our asses off.

So, with that, I’ll be writing another flippant, humorous and possibly bizarre post for adults.  Call it another “Little Story from Life.”  Need to make some notes first.

Maybe it’s mean to laugh at the way people are shaped or look.  We don’t do it for that reason.  Something inside my head just goes “WHACK!” and away I go.  Mark feeds off of it and so it goes.  We’re wondering why Dan Piraro of the comic strip Bizarro hasn’t featured my ideas.  Did you hear that Dan?  I’m available!!

Last night, I started work on another funny piece.  Seems like I get into a manic state of mind every now and then.  Lucky for me, I don’t get the other side of it – depression.

One of my daughters was seeing a psychiatrist at one time, psychologist, too.  She had some attention issues and panic disorder, anxiety and depression.  In conversation, I mentioned that I get manic, but not depressed.

The psychiatrist told me that she’s known other people who have this.

THIS?  WHAT THIS?  I didn’t know laughing my ass off was a “this.”

She told me that she could give me something for it.

“Ah, no, no, I’ll pass.  Why would I want to get rid of being happy and laughing insanely for no reason anyone but me can understand?”  Sheeesh….

Sometimes, the laughing and insanity comes at a regular time of day.  Right before bed.  My husband loves this.  (NOT)   Eventually, I have mercy on him and shut up. It’s hard, though.  Once I get on a roll, I want to keep rolling.  Like now.

So, I guess I’ll shut up for now, and work on my chores, writing and quilts.