They’re waiting for us.

Our dog pound/shelter here in Crescent City isn’t anywhere near this nice.

I hope it will be, someday.

In the meantime,


Mark walks ‘his’ dogs about three times a week.  On Tuesday, he walked every dog that was in a cage, which amounted to about 15 dogs.  The others,  out in “doggie heaven,” the big yard where four or five dogs can have their turn at playing and running outside.

doggie heavin

(an example of Doggie Heaven)


Featured in this image is a man, with a dog.

There are two or three women who devote

a tremendous amount of time and resources for our dogs.

This week, the two most dedicated, were away.

 Mark is the only male volunteer who comes regularly to walk the dogs.

Seems to me, women are more giving, more nurturing, more caring, more thoughtful.

Am I wrong, Gentlemen?


I find the women volunteers more than amazing.


  Some of the dogs are tremendously strong and have no manners on the leash.  After spending most of their days and nights in the tiny cages, every dog shows great excitement at the prospect of a 20 minute walk.


If this was one of ‘our’ dogs, no one would be standing still enough for the photo.

Pf Animal Shelter

Not strong enough you think?

Too tired to walk?

Afraid of the Pitties and Staffies?


I plan to make wholesome, homemade treats for the dogs, as that’s a highlight in their days, as the volunteers pass their cages or take them out to walk.

I’ve talked with one of the women who occasionally walks the dogs,

and we plan to raise funds by raffling a quilt!

Anyone can come in and brush a dog, make friends with just one dog, play with one dog, and go home.

And come back.

And go home again.  And come back again.


Surely, the finest example of a human being, is someone who doesn’t just think about doing a good deed.

Don’t talk about doing a good deed.


 Prefer rabbits?


Your help is needed everywhere, for as much or as little as you can manage.


 Gentlemen reading this, I seek your thoughts and responses.

Why do you think that most of the volunteers are women, at our shelter?

Where are the men, men?