1. Parent:
  1. Do you want me to slap you?
  2. I’m calling the police.
  3. What is wrong with you?imagesbrain
  4. Do as I say, not as I do.
  5. Don’t make me come over there.
  6. I mean it.
  7. One, two, three, four…
  8. Wait until your father gets home.
  9. Go to your room.
  10. You’ll never have any friends!
  11. You’re going to get it!

Child’s response:

  1. Looks at parent
  2. Look at parent.imageslisa
  3. Look at parent.
  4. Study parent.
  5. Think about running
  6. Look at parent.
  7. Look at parent.
  8. No!
  9. Runs to room.
  10. Looks away from parent.
  11. Look at parent.

Seems to me, the child is the most oppressed person in the world.

My take on the eleven ridiculous things:

  1. Nice question.  Did you actually expect the child to say, “Why yes, yes I do, I think I’d like that.”
  2. Great.  Instead of the police being a friend or public servant, the police are to be feared.  Nice try.
  3. Since children’s brains aren’t fully developed until the age of 25, I’d say that this question is a waste of breath.
  4. Oh, so you know what’s right, but it’s only right for the child, and not the parent?  HUH?7g04-big
  5. Since when does the child have control of the physical being of the parent?  For the child to make the parent move from one spot to another would probably take some serious mind control techniques.
  6. This tells a child that unless “I mean it,” is said, he/she didn’t mean it, yet.  🙂
  7. Good, you can count.  Good for you.  Me, too.
  8. This is so bad.  Is the parent who works outside the home supposed to terrify a child?
  9. A kid’s delight.  My kids loved this ‘punishment.’  They could read for hours.  My son used to hold a flashlight under his covers to read his books and comics.  Want to punish a kid? Lock him or her out of the bedroom!
  10. I got this one.  And I didn’t.  One mean thing said to a child can have a lifelong impact, good or bad.  If a parent says something bad like this, then she/he better say ten good things and apologize, be human.
  11. Love this, as it’s open to a child’s imagination.  We know what the “it” is, but if someone said this to me, I’d use my  imagination, and wish for something great, like a nice barn for my horses or a bunny barn.