N Filbert offered a unique prompt for creative interpretation. He thoughtfully chose music – a pure, universal language.  Even without an understanding of construction or creative process in composing music, we form unique thought and feeling about each piece.  We interpret each composition as we interpret the written or spoken word.  No two will respond in the same way.

How would we know if we did respond in exactly the same way?

In what language would we express our exact interpretations?

Would it matter if we felt the same, thought the same, were moved in the same way?

Have a listen.


The piece evoked sadness, melancholy for me.

How did it make you feel?  Think?  Will you respond?

  Pausing in time passages,  I thought of Craig Monticone, composer and pianist – a man who shared a public forum with me, other artists and skilled craftsmen, at a juried art show many years ago. I’m certain he has no recollection of me.

I’ve decided to complete my response in kind.