I’m highly distracted by this

When I went out this morning, I stuck my hand into the horses water bucket.  One less degree and it’s ice.  I filled a dutch oven with water, heated it and poured it into their drinking bucket.

We’re expecting four inches of rain this evening.  After tending to my horses, I check the rain gauge each morning.  Coastal conditions and maritime climate patterns typically sneak rain in under cover of darkness.

No matter, we’re generally prepared.

“Mom, can we make her a quilt for Christmas?”

My live-in daughter has a new and nice boyfriend, and he, a little girl. My head started spinning.

Hours of cutting fabric if I agreed!

Cutting is the hardest part for me now. She agreed to do all the cutting.

We chose fabrics from those stacked in my studio, and when I offered instruction for precision cutting, she, who knows everything already, reminded me that she was an art student, and had learned to make precision cuts in college.  Well, okay then…

Fun for a child

Fun for a child

After putting the top together, we purchased red flannel yardage and a high loft polyester batting.

I was so disappointed by the ‘loft’ of the batting, that I made two layers and it’s as warm as a towel just out of the dryer.

The quilting is simple – in the ditch.  What does that mean? Stitching exactly next to the seam lines.

Not my best work, but who's looking?

Not my best work, but who’s looking?

It’s done, wrapped and ready for a little girl to love.

Lots to look at.

Lots to look at.

I’m still working on my granny square afghan, and have raveled two more sweaters, both white.  I’ve used all  the gray sweater yarn. I’m set on exploring my neighborhood for some natural dye materials today.

Classic Granny Square Style

Classic Granny Square Style

The equine vet came out to visit Amadeus.  He’s not improving or deteriorating. He’s locked in a stall with lots of bedding.  It’s comfortable and restricts his movement, as well as encourages him to lie down.  I have nothing more in my bag of tricks – I’m using all I have.

It’s always something.

My son called last night.  He lives in Santa Monica, CA, and his wife and daughter, live in Peru.  My daughter in law is quite ill.  She’s felt death breathing on her twice.  I know how that feels. It’s not frightening, just an odd realization of life force leaving one’s self. A unique torture.  What is the meaning of gravity now?

Positive thought.

Mark went crab fishing again, and brought home ten crab.  If you’ve never had crab that’s come from the ocean just a few hours earlier – there is no crab sweeter.  We ate for two days and froze the rest in milk.  Next ten, the limit, we’re planning to can for the off-season.

One of the bowls of cleaned crab ready for the cooking pot.

One of the bowls of cleaned crab ready for the cooking pot.

Mark does all the cleaning.  My daughter and I don’t watch. He kills them humanely, cleans them before cooking, as they are scavengers and eat anything.  Drop a crab into a pot of nearly boiling water? Not appealing.  Cleaning them first makes for sweet, clean and tasty shellfish.

We’re  just outside of the fog belt, the sun’s playing with my eyes exactly where it was snowing, just an hour earlier.

If I close my eyes too long, it’ll be raining again.

Orchids in Spring

Orchids in Spring

I’ll set my sight on the promise of all that the rain brings in this most unusual place in the world.  Rain heralds the promise of all the beautiful, rare and unique gems to come.

It’s something wonderful.