Antique embroidered motto, in my home.
Words to live by.

Certainly, those of you who read my blog are wondering where I’ve been.  I’m still here. I’m working long hours in researching my family tree.  While doing so, I seek information on the lives of my more recent or notable ancestors.  In time, all will be in a book.  I have more stories to tell than I can write here.

If you haven’t read the first part of a-question-of-love I’ll suggest that it’s a good place to go now.

Through the miles and space, time and wonder, I’ve connected with a descendent of Florence Patton. So!  She was loved after all, and continues to be!

How can this be? .  Were we in the right place at the right time?  My instincts, and hers, indicate that we’re highly intuitive and our inner light reached one another through the spirit of the deceased and the brightness of our own inner lights.

Together, we’re working on discovering who the UNKNOWN marked sites are, which now have names scratched into them.  You see, Florence Patton’s maiden name was Booth. Florence had children.  I learned this through census records before I connected with her descendant, who wishes to remain anonymous.   I respect her wish to keep certain things private.

She’s not anonymous to ME. She lives in another state.  She asked for a photo of a relative’s gravesite through a well-known website, and though it, I felt compelled to contact her, even though her request had been fulfilled.  I wasn’t thinking about Florence or the name of the person in her request.

What do you think?

I think, it truly IS, a Question of Love.  My heart is so full of it, it’s spilling out into the world, to reach anyone whose heart is open to it.

More to come. First I have to visit with Florence…