Is there a soapbox under my feet again?  Wait, let me check – yes, it’s there.

Be a good neighbor, will  ya?

1. A good neighbor doesn’t hold up the line at the bank or grocery store, with intimate conversation with the bank teller or cashier while we wait and wait, and wait some more.

  • Have some consideration for others, please allow us to conduct our business and step aside. One of us may even thank you!

2.  A good neighbor doesn’t take their dog on trails or sidewalks that are clearly marked NO DOGS.

  •  If you decide to disregard the above, you have a second chance.
  • Being a good neighbor is picking up your dog’s poop.

4.  A good neighbor takes his/her loud personal and cell phone conversation out of public and into a private area.

  • If you decide to spew your conversation into the neighborhood, please lower your voice. Otherwise, you may want to consider turning the phone off while you’re in public or even shutting up.

5.  A good neighbor considers the comfort or capabilities of another human being.

  • If you know someone needs a hand, why not do something, instead of just thinking about it?  Maybe Grandma needs a little help.  Is it going to kill you to ask?

6.  A good neighbor realizes that we all share the same public places and washes his/her hands frequently and sneezes and coughs AWAY from others, or better yet, into his or her elbow.

  • I don’t want to get sick because I’ve touched a doorknob or shopping cart that an inconsiderate boob left some unknown yuck on, or just sneezed so forcefully in front of me, I could actually see it fly.

If she can do it, you can too!!

7.  A good neighbor smiles back at another human being, when offered a smile to begin with.

  • What’s the big deal?  You don’t even have to show your teeth!  Better yet, smile first!

  • On the other hand, I don’t think you’re a good neighbor if you yawn and don’t cover your mouth.  I really don’t want to see all your fillings and smell your breath, actually…

8.  A good neighbor makes eye contact with someone who is standing nearby, asks a question, or seeks help.

  • A simple look and “How are you?” or “Is everything okay?” can make an ordinary day much brighter.  Further, it’s not for us to judge whether the neighbor needs our help or not.  If a neighbor asks, go for it!

9.  A good neighbor doesn’t expect anything in return for a kindness offered or given.

  • What’s the point?  Expecting nothing is a sure way to the greatest reward, which is within you.

10.  A good neighbor speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves.

  • Children and animals have no voice.  Only we can speak for them.

I’ll bet you thought being a good neighbor is keeping an eye on your neighbor’s house or taking their mail in for them.  I suspect you thought being a good neighbor is inviting or informing them about your next party, or keeping your dog off of their lawn.  Did you think being a good neighbor was not blocking the driveway or not playing your drums when your neighbor is sleeping?

Please join me by taking a daily dose of humility with your coffee or tea.

The world is our neighborhood. And we are ALL in it.