Christ le Roi Mullingar

Quite possibly the very church where my great great grandparents,

Dermot Cole and Julia McIlroy were married in the mid 1800’s.

Carriage shop

Carriage shop in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, around 1890 or so. Dermot Cole advertised for himself in the Yarmouth Business Directory at the time for carriage making.  Great great-grandfather, a fine craftsman.  I can feel it!

Exquisite Mosaic Tiles

Similar to the tiles that were made by Jose Antonio Duato, from Spain, along with a large crew who immigrated to Mobile Alabama to work for the National Mosaic Tile Company around the very early 1900’s. I am seeking out work that still exists by these fine Spanish and Cuban craftsmen. The type of tile they made was likely adamantile, which is concrete with pigment added.  Highly artistic.

Old Irish Newspaper

Fascinating bit of history of Meath and Westmeath in Ireland, where my grandfather,

James Cole, or should I say Seamus, was born.

Final resting place of my elusive grandfather, Enrique.

It’s not easy, this research, and like being Freshly Pressed, not for wimps. It takes dedication, determination and desire.  If I lose one, I lose them all.

I talked with my birth father’s brother the other day.  Now I know why, during the first meeting of two that I had with my birth father, he repeatedly suggested that I get in touch with his brother.

He is the sweetest, most easy-going guy!  Though we only talked a half hour or so, I know we’ll talk again.  I’m hoping some day for a visit.  He’s about 350 or 400 miles south of me, and what isn’t?  I’m waiting for some photographs and enjoyed sharing some of the history I’ve uncovered.  We seemed to get along fine and he had no qualms about talking with me.  As usual, it’s a tear-jerker and very thrilling at the same time.

Marla Jean (on left) and Darylann (me)

Years ago, my mother made a collage and I suppose she didn’t want it around anymore and gave it to me.  I’m her firstborn, so I guess I’m the most likely victim.  I tried to pawn it off on another sibling, but as it turns out, I kept it, and brought it up north here.  I’m glad I did.

Though the pics are all cut up and some are damaged beyond repair, there are some that I can photograph and have someone Photoshop into better shape for me.  I’m looking forward to it.

In this photo, I’m smiling, but I know I was feeling some discomfort.  I never liked posing or having my photo taken.  Many folks reminded me, how beautiful all the blondes were.  And I, a freckled faced brunette.

I still have the freckles and dark hair and have a sneaking suspicion that the desire to have a spinning wheel as a child, and spin, which I still do, comes from the ancestors from Ireland.  😀

It’s all in the genes.

I have submitted a DNA sample and will hear back in six to eight weeks.  It will tell me more than just names on a page.  I’m excited about that, too.

For someone like me, who never felt connected to anyone who came before me, I feel quite privileged at the idea that I may be able to reveal something of the lives of my ancestors of not too long ago, in story form.  Every day is a new discovery, and some archival documents are difficult to get.  Determination, desire and dedication.  I’m on it.

Thanks for reading.