Another entertaining blog post…


I’ve been pestering myself all day long and I’m sick of hearing it.  I kept telling myself that I have to write something, and I wasn’t listening.  It’s not that I was rejecting the idea of writing something, it’s just that I wasn’t “ready.” Thinking about writing isn’t writing.  I had to get ready.

After I made pizza for the humans and did the evening chores for the thirteen animals, I evidently began the serious stalling.  I went to the kitchen for a drink of water.  Classic.  What am I, four years old?

I couldn’t decide which chair I wanted to sit in because they’re suddenly all very uncomfortable, so I fetched a special treat for the guinea pig.  She was standing on a thin roll of toilet paper  I put in her cage  a few days ago.  I thought she might have fun with it.  She uses it as…

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