I don’t want to be Freshly Pressed.

The more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I get.

Consider the lovely pressed blouse.

It’s wonderful, but I’d have to stand still all day, and I’m just not that kind of gal.

Freshly Pressed blouse.

It’s lovely, of course!  It’s a rouse though, her peeps have a rack of them waiting for her, just in case…

There’s one thing that REALLY gets under my skin and it’s jeans or dungarees that have been Freshly Pressed so many times,  and right down the front of the leg…

  What year do people think it is?

Please, say it isn’t so.

Food likes to be Freshly Pressed too!  Apples, for example…

So simple, even a child can do it!!

Freshly Pressed Cookies!  What’s not to love?

More, please.

I hope you’ve never Freshly Pressed your tongue!  I Freshly Pressed my tongue on a frozen Creamsicle as a kid, and…

Lemme try, maybe I won’t stick.

 There’s nothing like a Freshly Pressed cup of coffee, from my French Press.

Come on over, anytime.

Complete with grounds, if I grind too finely…

And what’s not to love about this Freshly Pressed kid?

Child, what is wrong with you?

Then again, there are things of great beauty, Freshly Pressed on glass…

Frost on a Window, cold winter morning.

The last of the blackberries don’t seem to be picking themselves.

I use one of these to separate the good stuff from the seeds.

Mostly I use my fist, and my knuckles get freshly pressed.

I used to have one of these for Freshly Pressed potatoes.

This press gives your potatoes a good mashing and a Freshly Pressed texture.

I miss my food mill.

There’s nothing like the smell of a Freshly Pressed newspaper!

Still good after all these years.

And of course, while you read your paper, you can have your suit Freshly Pressed!  And then again, there’s golf!

These guys have a lot of balls.

People have been saying, “Freshly Pressed, please!”  for a long, long time.

5th century man pressing grapes, naked.

I need a new one of these.  I Freshly Pressed so much  garlic that it broke down and cried.


Ah, the good ol’ days.  People getting low wages and maimed or injured, no protection from that nasty pressed steel.

1929 Freshly Pressed Steel Car Strike

Whist the men marched, the women were at home, Freshly Pressing meat into this monster,

to make sausage

and other ugly looking foods made from mammals.

Antique Meat press

Lucky for them, they didn’t have the option of sexualizing their little girls with kits like this.

Start ’em off young, folks!

Frankly, if you want something Freshly Pressed for your child, try the following –

Kids love these! Great for the big kids, too!

Someone’s Dad and Mom on vacation.  He, in his Freshly Pressed clothing, having a wonderful time! Aren’t you?

Some kids never grow up.  I’m one of those kids.

I’ll have to Freshly Press a shirt when Jody and Greg comes to Crescent City for five minutes.  😀

  Thankfully, my legs don’t look like these pegs and I’ll be wearing jeans, as there’s only two or three days a year when shorts are suitable apparel.

 Actually, I’m not sure if there’s anything  in those Freshly Pressed sleeves.

  Maybe her hands are like the fake ones I had when I was clowning, just stuck up there in the sleeve…

Freshly Pressed legs looking like paper.

Being Freshly Pressed isn’t all it’s flattened out to be.  This post was straight off the Freshly Pressed cuff.

Straight off the cuff.