We went to a favorite area of Point St. George today, carrying a big plastic bag and a grabber or picker.  Mark and I occasionally go pick trash off of our beaches.  Not a big haul today, but we did see zillions of anemone and some gigantic ones.   Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me.

So, I’ll share some photos taken in June of this year, of one entry to Point St. George.  This area is rarely visited, as there’s little sand and mostly black rock to walk on. It can get to your feet after a while.   There are pathways down to the sea and cliffs and bluffs to enjoy and photograph.

Walking down the pathway to sea level.

June splendor along the pathway

One of the bluffs next to the sea, on the way down.  Lots of plant in bloom.

Closer look at the color on the bluffs.

From a distance, another bluff at ocean’s edge, in bloom.

Beautiful coastline

Looking over the bluffs

Mark’s there, I’m dawdling, as usual.

It always amazes me when we’re the only people around. Look at that!

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is quite clearly Ocean.”

Arthur C. Clarke