English: Gaspard de Coligny by Gustave Crauck

Gaspard de Coligny by Gustave Crauck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past few weeks I’ve been researching my ancestors.  I’m delighted to find a few historical figures in my direct line, one being the Admiral.

The large monument of Admiral Gaspard II de Coligny, Nobleman of France, miniscule in comparison to the dedication and commitment to his cause, from commoners to nobility.  He eventually paid with his life, yet he never wavered.  The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew, ordered by Queen Mother Catherine de’ Medici ended his efforts, his cause unsuccessful. Gaspard de Coligny lives on as as a testament to courage and dedication in the face of oppression!

The Admiral, before his death, pleading for his cause.

Many people assist me by generously giving their time and effort translating old French documents, searching for information, offering guidance, and I, look for metaphorical crumbs of mortar on brick walls!  When I find the crumb, I use it to lead me to a line of people waiting to be discovered!

I doubt that a grandmother I never knew, who passed on in the 20th century, was aware that she was a direct line to French Nobility and the Old World. Do you know where  your ancestors are?  ♥

“Who am I?”  Even as a child, I wanted to know.  I didn’t look, think or behave like anyone around me.  Where did I come from, anyway?  In terms of nature versus nurture, I’m far more nature than nurture and I aim to find the links, if I can.

As I continue to grow my ancestral tree,  the trunk  joined by Ireland, Spain, France, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Cuba and of course, America!  With all my branches in place, buds, leaves and flowers grow.

The Transporter (Star Trek) exists through discovery – historical records, letters, paintings, photographs, newspapers, documents and word of mouth.

There are people living today who I’m ‘related’ to, who neither know or want to know me. Someday, they or their descendants will discover my ancestral tree and make it a part of their own.  From the Transporter Room –ENERGIZE!