Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a beautiful visitor.

The first visit was outside of the garage door, when my husband and the visitor stood about 10 feet from one another, both quite surprised.

The next few visits were under the apple trees.  Pardon the poor quality photos.  The visitor seems more comfortable in the shade or cover of dusk.

Having just eaten an apple, his tongue is out!

This young buck is about 16 months old, and his Mama sent him on his way.  Black tailed deer find new territory miles from the does herd and either stay alone or join a bachelor herd.

In the front yard, picking up apples.

You can see his small antlers, as spikes.  The don’t appear fuzzy at all, here.  This was taken about a week ago, from my front porch, about fifty feet away. When we saw him again yesterday, his antlers had grown about an inch or two!

Not so sure of himself yet. Checking things out…

He doesn’t weigh much, but he’s not thin, either.  Food is plentiful now, and he’s helped himself to the foliage of an apple tree we planted last summer.   Arrrrgggghhhh….


I decided to let him eat the leaves, and he didn’t take much, after all.

Looking for dropped apples.

He seems to come about the same time most days. Perhaps he visits and we miss seeing him.

Our horses stand at the fence, watching.  He’s noticed me, but doesn’t seem concerned.  I don’t want him becoming too familiar, or let his guard down, though, as that would make him a perfect target for hunters.  There are many of those around here.

A view from our garage, facing west.

Young buck comes from here, the clearing to the right of the old shed, a meadow setting.   He makes his way here, may cross over the street by the apple trees and returns into cover.

Please excuse the poor quality and the shaky ending of the following video.  Young buck takes a look at me before he disappears behind the spruce and redwoods in the front yard.

We hope to see  him again!