While beach combing at Point St. George this past February, I picked up shells during low tide.  I often decide in advance, what I’ll be combing for. Low tide during the winter season’s the best for uninhabited shells, such as gastropods, olividae and limpet shells.  Ask any seagull.

I usually wear my reading glasses if I sit on the sand or pebbles but I forgot them and did my best to check the shells for inhabitants.  At home, the shells would have a rinse and sort in a day or so.

However, on this day, I decided to clean and sort that same evening and once rinsed, I put the container next to a bright lamp.  Something was moving in there!  This is what I found, and then, another, even smaller!

Less than 3/4″ long!

I respect all life, well, maybe not flies and mosquitoes…  I created an artificial world for them, and decided to take them back to the ocean in the morning  if they’d just survive the night.  They did.

After feeding all my creatures here at the ranch, back to the beach I went, with two tiny living crabs in their chosen shells.