Yesterday, my Parkway Drive  statistics did a song and dance.

The post is pleasant, offers my brand of wisdom, practical, with minimal historical information and a suggestion. .  Nothing outstanding, really, just me talking, and sharing my plan to create something out of nature.

The post got a dozen ‘likes’ and no new followers, new commenters.  So what’s my question?

The statistics show over 500 views from StumbleUpon.  A glitch?  Why does this number appear and no sign that the 500 read the post?  No comments, no likes, no new followers, nothing.  No negative, no positive. What does that mean?

Things are back to normal today.  Slow and steady wins the race, except I’m not a turtle and I do like my rabbits.  🙂

Perhaps because I mention Indian tribes here in the states and Canada, many folks visited momentarily.  Perhaps those same folks thought that I’d have something profound to say.

Actually, making cord out of Fireweed is profound. It’s a long process requiring attention, dedication and commitment to the task. Processes such as this – a direct road back to guardianship of and love for our precious earth.

It takes the determination and desire to experience what is real. Making the cord out of a wildflower seems real enough to me!

I want to know how it feels to take the time and how my hands will feel, how the fiber behaves.  How does it feel to make the cord, and how much practice will I need before I have success?

Handmade cord isn’t the goal, it’s the process I want to experience, as have those before me. And respectfully, I’ll take only what I need.

Take a step backward, take the time to do something out of nature –  perhaps you’ll find a sense of  peace and connection to the natural world. Put some meaning into your life.

The question remains.  What happened yesterday?