What a fun challenge!

I liked the theme “wrong” because there was such an interesting variety of interpretation.

Mike Hardisty and I made something wrong, go right. Have a look here.


Creative1975 entered a photo that just looks wrong.  It’s one you stare at and wonder – what IS that, anyway?

Implicit Self submitted this photograph for the theme.  I’m floored by this one.  Wrong in so many ways, yet I find myself studying it…


allmymoons posted a photo from Naples, Italy.  I’m fond of steet ART but tagging is ugly and wrong.


anotherdayinparadise posted several entries, all which feature horrendous abuse and use of animals.  My readers will know why these are especially hurtful to me, and I hope, to you.  My heart sinks…


I need to lift myself up a bit, after the last entry, so here’s

A minute with me, and his response – 😀


More below, if you’d like to have a look.

Have a wonderful week everyone!