On August 10th, my blog post views topped 5,000.  This is a big thrill!!  If even half of those 5,000 views were real views, and not just a quick look, then I’m hitting home runs! Ah, such is the stuff  dreams are made of.  😀

Today, August 11th, is my 8th anniversary.  Mark and I met through eharmony.  We tend not to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, valentines days. We celebrate life, every day.

I was out in the street (part of our property and on our private road) picking thimbleberries – the season is nearly over.  I saw Mark come through the trees, approach me and put his arm around me.  “Happy Anniversary, eight years.”  I gasped.  I had forgotten.

Tomorrow, August 12, is my 58th birthday.  No celebrations. One of my daughters, who lives with us, is making a beautiful art piece for me.  I’ve always wanted one of her pieces.  She’s quite talented.  And I hope it’s she who’ll illustrate my children’s books.

One day, I said, “There’s a goldfinch in the tree.”  She thought I said, “There’s a goldfish in the tree.”  Saying the latter wouldn’t be unusual for me, as I’m usually full of nonsense and made up words and odd thoughts.  She is making a watercolor of the “goldfish in the tree” for me.  😀

So, with the 5,000 views, I’m celebrating.

I’m giving away some beach – ocean inspired pendants I’ve made.  I even made the cord!

All you have to do is leave a comment for me on this post, and follow that up with an email with your address, and I’ll mail one of these, or similar, to you.  I have about a dozen to give away.  Don’t be shy!  I will mail them anywhere in the world.

You can wear it, hang it on a lamp, on the doorknob, the back of a chair, a picture frame.  Use your imagination!  I did!

I’ll update the giveaway part on this post when I’ve reached a dozen addresses.    😀

Here’s my email address –


Thank you everyone. And I really do mean thank you.

Darylann Campbell in Crescent City, CA

one of the pendants, this one with tiny agates