Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Standing alone

On our last hike in Gasquet, we stopped by the Smith River National Recreation Area comfort station.  Our hikes were two that day – Darlingtonia Trail and Myrtle Creek Trail, which is an interpretive trail, and we decided to keep going north on the 199, through Gasquet.

I had forgotten that I took this photograph until I saw this one – breathing-space-july-3112

This structure was well thought out.  It’s right next to the 199, amidst brush and trees.  Behind, are homes, and to the north, the Comfort Station.  I am so inspired by this stone structure, that I’m compelled to make one of my own, in miniature, with pebbles of agate and semi-precious stones I find on the beaches here, by the hundreds, when I’m so inclined.  It’s on my short list of artworks that’s poking me in the brain.

Can you picture many men, after a day of hydro mining or logging, as in cutting down the ancient redwoods, physically exhausted, hungry and tormented by mosquitos and other biting insects, sitting here, keeping warm?

Gasquet, though only 13 or so miles from the center of MY world, has a different climate.  Gasquet, CA can reach into the 100’s in summer, and over 100 inches of rain a year.  Snow falls, too.

I’m happy in maritime climate, Crescent City, CA.  Though we had 89% humidity yesterday, it never reached over 70° thankfully.  I’m still waiting for the one day that reaches 72 or 73° so I can give my horses their yearly bath!

Photo of Horace Gasquet, originally from France, courtesy of DBerry2006, Flickr photos.