Yesterday, I taught my daughter to play cribbage.  We had one round of cribbage, and later in the evening, she asked for another game.  😀 😀 😀   Happy!!!

After the game, she  was studying on her computer.  Then, she said, “That’s who it is!!”

World Guy was rolling his earth ball down the 101 in Crescent City.   I sent an email, thinking he’d be resting for the evening, but when I read his post this morning, for yesterday, he stated that he’d be walking all night. He sounds tired and his writing seemed tired, too.

If I had known, I would have picked him up in MY pick-up truck.  And fed him and his dog, too.  We always carry dog food for the homeless and traveler’s dogs.

It’s a funny place, Crescent City.  Hitch hikers backpacking, grungy, hungry and weighed down don’t get bothered too much, as long as they stand still.  Most just want to see the world and are almost always heading north to Oregon and Washington.  The bicyclists are welcome. We have lanes just for bicyclists and lights specifically for them, to cross the bridges safely. Bicycle friendly place.

World Guy walks for Diabetes Awareness.  My girl saw a “crazy guy walking down the 101 rolling a big ball and walking with a dog.”  I think it’s a good thing, and I wished she’d told me earlier in the day.

Maybe it was the ball, or the dog that the CHP (California Highway Patrol) objected to. I’ve dealt with CHP officers in the past, as getting a school bus drivers license in this state is tough business.  A driver has to do a song and dance in front of an officer, demonstrating her knowledge in extreme detail, of the school bus.  And then, you drive with him, show your skill in handling the 40′ rectangular box.  It’s not fun, really.  I’ve seen women cry when they fail.  CHP are pretty stiff when it comes to what’s okay and what isn’t.

When I drove the bus for the High School, one of the parents was a CHP officer.  We’d go on sports trips together.  I found him friendly and not the same as on duty. In fact, he insisted that I call him by his first name, because he didn’t want anyone to know who he was because, “You never know.”  It was a good plan, really.  Daniel helped me navigate a few times, in or out of  ridiculously tight spots.  It’s good to have another pair of eyes.

I digress.

World Guy may think that he was singled out for harassment –  I don’t think so.  If he were going to be harassed, it’d be by the ‘locals,’ the people born here,  with dogs and guns, big pick up trucks that haven’t been cleaned out since last year’s hunting season and wearing flannel shirts with the top two buttons opened.  The same guys who drink beer for breakfast – hair of the dog –  and give ugly stares to anyone who doesn’t look like a pot smoker, a relative, or someone visiting Pelican Bay State Prison here.

English: Pelican Bay State Prison, looking wes...

English: Pelican Bay State Prison, looking west, taken July 27, 2009, from 6,500 feet MSL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never let the locals, the rednecks, the CHP or anyone else ever stop you from coming to see this fantastically unique place on earth, Del Norte county, California.   Most of us stay home during the summer.  We just give way to the hoards of tourists who just pass through, and tend to our gardens and houses, before the rains come again.

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...