I posted (subsequently deleted)  another video of one the second in the series of three Paper Sculptures, dedicated to my rabbits.

Creating art gives me a great deal of joy and challenge.  For me, it’s like writing.  I mull over an idea, and never really know exactly where it’s going.  Then, as things move along, the challenge is to bring it into view, or clarity, get my point across, as in words.  Except, there are no words.  It’s an odd thing, too, not to know where it’s going to end, or what exactly one of my artworks will look when I’ve finished it.

Somehow, I know when it’s done, and push-off.   There are times when I get away from the work for days, or longer, until  how to go ahead mysteriously pops in.

I feel satisfied AND sad when a piece is finished.  The joy while creating ends.  I’m hopeful  that soon, there’s another inspiration, vision, idea.  I can’t plan out the ideas the same way I can, when I write.

The third art piece dedicated to my rabbits is swirling around in my head.  The art and the writing are boxing it out for my attention. Funny, maybe they don’t know they’re related…

Having just completed another paper piece, “Cathedral Windows,” (not pictured)  I’m free to start another Bunny Love sculpture.

HoneyBun, my Netherland dwarf bun

HoneyBun isn’t coming out.  She wants to know what you think.