I don’t get it – what’s so funny?

I occasionally write humorous posts, or Funny Business.  I’m my own best audience because I’m usually laughing my ass off while I’m writing them.  That’s not to say that the posts don’t take time or effort or have direction or intent. I have to be in a certain frame of mind, minimal distraction and a wild imaginative mood.

I enjoy writing funny stuff.  People have always told me, “You’re funny.”  Ha ha ha,  you’re funny.  My husband says I’m the funniest person he’s ever known. Now I know why he married me – for laughs.  Everyone likes to laugh and if you don’t, you better hang it up, because it’s one of the great joys of being human.

I considered doing stand-up comedy and writing for the comedy market in years past.  My family tells me I have a “George Carlin” type of humor.  I hope I don’t turn into George Carlin in his later years – things seemed to go sour. I can guarantee you, though, that if  you were with me every so often, in living color, you’d be laughing.  I thrive on a live audience and once I get started, I’m on a roll.

Suppose you tell me if you think  humor is subjective?  Is what’s funny to me, funny to you?  Can you take a poking or does it hurt your feelings?  Maybe you can take a pokin’ and it STILL hurts your feelings.  Sometimes humor comes with a bite, doesn’t it?

Have you looked at any other humor posts here on WP?  I just noticed today that someone’s FIRST BLOG POST got featured on Freshly Pressed.  I read it.  I didn’t laugh. I wanted to.  Maybe it takes more to make a funny person laugh out loud.  How does someone get FP on their first blog post, anyway?

Some of the bloggers I follow put out bits of funny stuff.  I don’t have to laugh out loud to be entertained, though it helps.  I can feel myself smiling spontaneously when something’s entertaining and it’s a good feeling!

I’m not looking for accolades.  I’m looking in the humor section of the bookstore and its pickins are meager.  I pick up a few books, and a few more and the writing is flat.  Where are the Erma Bombecks of today?  Making people laugh while doing stand-up comedy is easier than writing a humorous book and making people laugh while reading.  The physical element is left to the imagination – there’s no body language, no bulging eyeballs, crazy faces  or funny voices to support the delivery.  Writing comedy and humorous posts is more challenging, I THINK.  Maybe not.  Maybe Everyone’s a Comedian.

Does written humor have to include SEX?  Marriage?  Sports?  Can we joke about people of all kinds, or not?  Religion? Gays, trans-genders? One of my relatives is trans-gender.  I think I could make some humor out of the situation.  Is it funny, though?  I’ll have to ask…

What is funny to you?  What makes you laugh?  Do you have to laugh to consider someone or something funny?

These are my random thoughts for today, without editing, and I’d like to hear yours!