My girl and I went to Eureka again.  Road work – do I care?

I didn’t care.  This is what I saw while we waited.

Next time I see a Red Elderberry shrub, I’m getting a few pieces to start my own bushes.  😀

From the car window – Red Elderberry

And to the right, is this view.  Who would care if there was road work?  It was cool enough to wear a sweater all day.  I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.

Trees, moss, fog

Went out for Sushi, there’s a great place in Eureka.  My girl held the cookies in her hand and asked me to choose one.  OOPS.  She cracked one.  I chose the cracked one and this is what I got –

a very unfortunate cookie.

Was this an omen?  Or a stroke of good luck?  I say “YES!”  😀

On the way back from our trip, we stopped and looked at the huge herd of Roosevelt Elk.  The bulls hung together, further from the 101.

Beautiful males

Yes, I am THAT CLOSE!!

The cows seemed a little red on their backsides and there were lots of little ones, so in my infinite genius, I figure they’d recently given birth. These cows are big animals!  Any of these females weighs quite a bit more and are taller than my 10.2 hands Shetland Pony.

What a beautiful fortunate and unfortunate day!