Quicksilver feeling obligated to Magneto and his twin sister, Scarlet Witch

Relationships are tricky, aren’t they?

 In his post “Obligations Are Optional”,  realgoesright.wordpress.com said, “It is my opinion that relationships are optional agreements that you’ve entered into with another person.  As such, you are free to leave at any given moment, and it will cost you nothing to leave.

Do you agree?  I do, on these points –

  • Relationships ARE optional agreements – both people have to say “yes,” verbally, understood or assumed.
  • Having a relationship with ANYONE  is a choice.
  • I can leave any relationship,  regardless of consequences.

My mantra – if I don’t enrich your life in some way, and you don’t enrich mine, then we’re wasting time.

Sound harsh?  Maybe. Lonely?  For some. Snobby?  Hardly.

Meaningful friendships require cultivation, akin to gardening.  Don’t plop a seed in the ground and walk away.  A seed needs water, food, cultivation, sunlight.

I’ve been fortunate to have a few fun, worthwhile friendships.  After tons of fun and laughs, the days went dark and the well went dry…

As a highly sensitive person, I meter out intimate, vulnerable parts of  “self.”   If a friendships ends up on the back of the counter like a wasting root-beer float, I feel cheated and stupid.

I don’t want to be attached to a string of broken promises.

Call me crazy, selfish, demanding, unrealistic. Label me any way that makes you comfortable.  I don’t give a shit. I’m stepping over into the ‘indifferent’ part of the garden now.

Burn your obligation to the ground.  Here’s your box of matches.

The price I pay for the promises is more than I want to spend.  The promises grow like weeds.

I can’t remember them all anymore.  Maybe that’s a good thing.