Look how tiny I am!

I haven’t subscribed to network television for over twelve years now.  Aw, come on, I’m just kidding. I’d have a core meltdown if I couldn’t watch the stars dance.

NOT!  I watch the stars dance when the night sky is dark and clear. I haven’t subscribed to network television in over twelve years and I haven’t missed five minutes of it.  Television really IS an idiot box.  It sucks the life out of people, but not before all brains have been thoroughly washed and  appointments for regular cleanings made and kept.

Some simple calculations should prove just how much life is exhausted watching television.  I’ll use YOU,  the average American, who sits for an average of four hours of tv per day, to calculate.  Flip that four hours into a week and you’re on the couch  for 28 hours!  You’ve got a part-time job! Congratulations!

Is that bad?   What about that sneaky 28 hours a week slipping into a total of 1,456 hours of television during just one year?  Flip THAT number into twenty years and you’ve watched a grand total of 29,120 hours of television for those twenty years.  Turn that number, and someone’s been in front of the boob tube for 1,213 days or over 173 weeks for said 20 years.  Long term freedom from cares and woes!  What a vacation!

Maybe you don’t want to know that you’ve spent 3.3 years out of the last 20, watching tv.  Maybe you enjoy being an average American. Try not to think about it, then. But if you want to think, please do, and consider other activities or adventures which you might find more rewarding and fulfilling.  It’s your life.  Live it.

This post originally published April 27, 2012.  Thanks for tuning in.