1. I’m really lackadaisical about acknowledging and responding to the many awards people have nominated me for.  The difficulty lies in acknowledging them in an extraordinary way, and I want to have a good time writing something entertaining.   I appreciate the bloggers who nominate me, and I want to thank them, but in a fun way, as I can’t take myself too seriously. See my post in response to two Sunshine Award Nominations here – award-shenanagins !
  2. I don’t handle praise very well.  Yesterday, my husband said, “You look pretty.”  I said, “Why.”  That didn’t go over very well.
  3. I clean and trim my horses hooves with big girl farrier tools. The hooves get cleaned almost every day, and trimmed as needed, every four to eight weeks, as necessary.  They don’t wear shoes.  It’s back-breaking work, and there are times when I do only the front feet of one or two horses  and continue the work the next day.  Starlight, the Shetland Paint pony, is only 10.2 hands.  I do have a farrier come every so often to “tune up” my trims.
  4. I don’t go to the beach or hike much in the summer.  The weather is really nice, but the mosquitoes on the hikes are fierce and the tourists are out in full force, which brings noise, trash and more people than I care to see.
  5. I don’t kill slugs.  I usually find a way to pick them up and toss them away, or put them in a place I know they’ll like.  I kill biting flies and mosquitoes, if necessary.
  6. I plan to grow all the fruit we eat, here on our property.  I have a pressure canner, a water bath canner and a dehydrator, and use all three.  My recent post   food-fight    mentions some of the fruit trees and shrubs I  have in the ground.  I also need a jujube tree – nutritious and delicious, especially when dried!
  7. I don’t like writing the pronoun “I” more than once or twice. It makes me uncomfortable.
  8. I met my husband through eharmony.
  9. When I was about 13 years old, my mother insisted that I plant her bulbs and I was SO angry! That day, however, I had an epiphany and became Nature Girl.
  10. I had a spinning wheel as a little girl, it got damaged beyond repair in a move, and I never stopped grieving over the loss of my little wheel.

Any comments?  Questions?  Answers?