In the 1980’s I lived on Glen Drive, in Hudson, New Hampshire with my two teens.  I grew a variety of vegetables and canned high acid foods and pickled some others.  Having only a front yard available for planting, the rest of the property wooded, folks in the neighborhood didn’t like seeing my little raised bed on the small hillside out front. Regardless, no one stopped me, though I was told that they didn’t like seeing it. The garden was close to the walkway and front door of the split-entry home, and well away from the street.

Why not?  Was it me they didn’t want to see? Was it my makeshift gathered-from-the-woods raised bed?  New England has rocky soil and digging out all the rocks became too much, so I built ↑ up.   The woodchucks were happy – they moved in, under one side of the garden plot. Determined to satisfy my need to grow more than flowers and trees, be close to the earth, I kept on.

No one complained about the Dogwood and Japanese maple trees I planted.  Nor did anyone have  issue with the forsythia, crocus or clematis-is there something about growing food in full view of the neighborhood that people object to? Food comes from plants, and plants are beneficial, beautiful and productive, aren’t they?

Last year about this time, Julie Bass in Michigan faced jail time for planting a garden in her front yard.  Read the article here –

Growing food is a necessity for some families and a pleasurable, healthy hobby for others.  With Big-Agriculture rule in this country, backed by our government, it’s more difficult than ever before to find clean, untreated, unaltered food.  Organic foods cost more than pesticide laden or genetically modified foods, and that’s a whole new blog post.  However,  I think you’d like to hear what this great kid has to say
How does this relate to me, personally?   When I lived in the desert of Southern California, organic foods were out of reach in cost, rotted quickly because of the extreme heat and the choice miniscule.  The water tasted like dirt and dust and with each gulp, a dose of fluoride. The air in Riverside county is some of the worst in the country. Here’s a link so you can have a quick look.  Hold your breath
Over time, my stomach hurt so much, that I couldn’t brush against it without discomfort.  I couldn’t be hugged in a certain way and I couldn’t wear clothes that even lightly pressed against my stomach. I did seek medical attention, and that, is another story better told on another day.  According to the doctors,  there was “nothing” wrong.  I should be happy!  Nothing is wrong!  Really?  No.  Something is wrong. I know my body.
When Mark and I got on the “five-year plan” (moving north) I knew that what we were eating, drinking and breathing, would change dramatically. Here’s a quick look –
We have our own well, and Mark has said, “It’s the finest beverage in the world.”  Our animals noticed the difference and drink copious amounts.  It has no fluoride and we need little to no soap to wash our clothes.  Our hair is clean and shiny, our food gets cooked in clean water.
We became shareholders in our local CSA,  ocean-air-farms-M20197  and for twenty weeks a year, every Friday, we pick up our harvest box, full of surprises and fresh, organic vegetables, some of which I’d never tried before!  Yes, there are bug holes in some of the leaves and vegetables aren’t uniformly shaped, but they’re local, fresh and organic!  We’re happy to have Ocean Air Farms as our local farmers.

We’re as happy as these peppers, grown by our local farmers!

We’ve planted fruit trees and shrubs, among other things.   We’ve put in nine blueberry plants, five varieties of apple trees, one lingonberry, which is spreading,  an Italian plum, two paw paw trees, a cherry tree. Next comes a pear tree, raspberries and currants.  Wild blackberries, thimble-berries, evergreen huckleberries and red huckleberries grow naturally on our property.

Thimble-berries before ripening. My favorite berry!

Finally, we’re breathing clean air.  With only 28 people per square mile in this county, and being outside of Crescent City proper, on a private road, the air is clean.  Also, we’re about 3  miles from the Pacific Ocean, as the crow flies.
Is “nothing” still wrong?
Upon awakening earlier than usual one morning, wondering if the horses would hear me stir, I started daydreaming.  I realized that my hands were resting on my stomach.  I didn’t hurt anymore.  I DIDN’T HURT ANYMORE!  “Nothing” was gone!  I notice all the time now, still checking, still amazed. Nothing is wrong anymore.  There’s something else, too.  In the morning, mostly, I pull in a little breath of air – an autonomic response to my environment.  When it happens, I feel purified, almost high. I love it when it happens, it’s such a beautiful feeling.
I’m one person among millions, who noticed the change in my body, in response to my environment and a more wholesome diet.  The number of autistic children skyrocket in this country, asthma commonplace, obesity rampant. There are many more insidious and creepy goings on and effects on our health and mental attitudes from impure air, altered foods, hormone laden dairy products and mandated fluoridation and so on.
What are your thoughts in this regard?  What do you do, if anything, to improve the quality of your life?  Do you protect yourself from hazards administered to us as if we’re lab rats? What do you think of my amazing “recovery?”