I seem to go through phases of remembering my dreams.  I awoke this morning, with this one, set in the present,  fresh in my mind.

Robert Wiley, the class clown in high school, had lost a tremendous amount of weight.   He had organized an event in an auditorium to do a variety show and promote his book.

(He had been extremely overweight and was considering gastric bypass, but decided against it and has lost and continues to lose weight through diet and exercise)

His book was about his journey, and included bits about people who had made an impact on his life.  The title of his book consisted of the pen names of people he’d recognized briefly in the book.  Seapunk2 was one of three names. 

(I had been in touch with him when I had a FB account, and told him how proud of him I was, committing to losing the weight without medical intervention, and inquiring about how things were going.)

The auditorium was full and dark.  He sat on stage with his guitar and entertained with some music, a beautiful singing voice and some jokes.  I stood back stage alone and several times,  former classmates stood next to me and commented, though they didn’t recognize me now, nor I, them. Nothing registered and I didn’t reply, as my focus was on Robert.

(I tend to stand alone near a crowd, and not IN the crowd, back and away from the mass of people)

 It came time for Robert to say a few words about the few people he’d selected to title his book.  As the name Seapunk2 was first on the list, he began to talk about me.  The audio went nearly silent, down to a murmur, and I wondered if the audio could still be heard inside the auditorium. 

I asked someone standing nearby, “Can you hear what he’s saying?”  I thought that if I couldn’t hear more than a murmur, then no one else could, so my question – a moot point.  I was feeling some anxiety in the dream, and

I woke up.