In an earlier post, I presented a small section of one of my paper sculptures. I’m presenting it here, in its entirety as a slide show, with a brief description.

Paper in art, a second thought, not noticed, generally a canvas for a particular media.   I have a great choice of papers, including new to antique, trash to treasure, scraps to rolls.

My sculptures are intuitively created, and evolve during the creative process. I begin with a general idea of what I want to convey as well as a general style and form.

In this sculpture, I’ve used a primitive, vintage wooden tray as my base. The base is about 9 x 11 x 1 inches. Please enlarge the video for best effect.

I used new prismatic paper for the backing of the circular papers.  The swirls or twists of art paper cut to fit the depth of the tray and in various lengths.  I  wound the paper with the print inside, to impose a greater depth of color and movement with changing light. After winding each piece, I released it from my fingers, allowing it to “relax.”  I used no glue to keep the shapes.  Each section supports the elements inside.  Each element necessary within a group for strength within the section.

Paper in Motion dances with light, the dance changes as the light changes, throughout the day and evening.  Paper in Motion  plays with your eyes, and catches your imagination.

The restriction within the wooden tray, contradicts the playful movement. As you move around, toward and away from it, constraints obvious, the piece asserts the opposite.

Comment appreciated and questions happily answered.