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I’ve removed the first two parts of Girlie Stuff for revisions.  This third post is the intended message.
(8-15-2012, Darylann)

I’ve been going on about Girlie Stuff, having a bit of fun, and now comes the grand finale.  Here’s what happened with the lifestyle blogger and Seapunk2 –

The first communication went well with a comment suggestion from me, for vegetarians to take brewer’s yeast or a B-12 or B-Complex supplement. She seemed pleased and interested.  Remember, she was all about health, diet and style tips, which included recipes, hair and makeup suggestions and product recommendations. She mentioned that she didn’t wear real animal fur but offered no explanation as to the reason.

In the last post I read,  she said, “I would advise using Al… mascara, I have for years and they keep coming out with new and better lines of mascara and it’s all hypoallergenic.  The black black….  blah blah blah

What IS that?

My comment – “Please consider using cosmetics from companies that don’t test on animals.”

Her comment- “I don’t see how that will save an animal’s life.”

I said my piece.  I didn’t want to steal her thunder or upset her minions. She was entitled to her view. If her minions wanted to know more, they could do a bit of research on their own, as could she.

Her comment to me, though, seemed like an invitation to spell out  EXACTLY how “using cosmetics from companies that don’t test on animals,” WOULD save an animal’s life and spare same from horrendous suffering.  I resisted the temptation, and I hoped that my eleven word comment would also send her off to investigate like a good little girl should.

Leaping Bunny Logo cruelty free!

Look for this logo for cruelty free products!

If we all can’t speak, no one can speak.  The hardest thing to hear is the truth, especially when it’s unwelcome.  I’m all for the truth and I invite anyone who would like to discuss anything with me, to ask for my phone number or you can knock on my door. Truth is my middle name.  (Actually, I don’t have a middle name, but if I did, this would be it.)  I have a real voice with a real sound and am a real person who can really communicate.  Really. And equally important –  I can listen.

I’ve had my fun and now it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

Ladies AND gents, if you do wear makeup, wash your hair, paint your nails, care for your skin, that’s fine. Really.  I don’t care one whit if you want to look like a clown or simply take care of your skin and put a little mascara on before you go out the door. And gents, apply the appropriate parts to your own lives, be them as they may.

I’m not denying you the right to be who you want to be, even if it goes against every molecule in my body.  If you want to be a stereotypical cliche’ with makeup and hair and nails all done like some kind of poster child for media brainwashing, go for it.  If you think for one second that doing all that stuff to yourself makes you more of a woman, you need to call me for the truth of it.

The truth I’ll share here, is that to be a clean living, considerate, sensitive, loving and whole human being, you need to seek out products that DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS.  I could show pictures of the broken creatures that human beings use to TEST cosmetics (and other things) on animals. You can find them if you want to.

Companies already know everything there is to know about cosmetics and the effect certain ingredients may have on your body.  Formulas don’t change much. There is no reason to test on animals anymore.

I’m including two links for your review, so that you can see how easy it is to make a choice not to support companies that torture little animals so you can wear their mascara.

HoneyBun, my tiniest bunny.


Please click on the above link for a helpful and easy guide to cruelty free products.  Join in making the world a more loving place.  Visit the link, just below HoneyBun!


If you’ve read this far, thank you.  Even the most kind among us may benefit from this.  I realize, too, that many of you will disappear and that’s okay.  Having the courage to reveal the truth often leaves a person alone with their truths and I know this from experience.

Tell me, would you want to test cosmetics on THIS animal?

Missy, one of eight bunnies I adopted, who were unwanted and unloved for a while…

Or how about this animal?  Would you want to test on this one?

Didier – dumped at a city college and adopted by me.

I have thirteen animals, I am guardian to them, rather than owner.  I would take more in if I had more of the almighty dollar.  All thirteen were otherwise unwanted, abandoned, destined for euthanasia, dumped or in horrendous living conditions. Most of my rabbits came from non-profit organizations involved in SPCR.

What I’m left wondering, after all, is why the lifestyle blogger chose not to wear real fur…