Today marks the beginning of my posts for children, and the adults in their lives.   Not the usual Thoughtful Thursday post and I do hope you enjoy it!

For the whole of my life, I’ve been surrounded by children and it’s well known that that I have an affinity for children.  I like being around them, enjoy their company, and they seem to know, immediately. Perhaps it’s the special twinkle in my eyes reserved for them only.

I’ve written for children over the years,  but never took the time and effort to send out query letters or mock-ups  and have thrown most of it in the trash.  I mildly regret that, though I know I can write again, and again. Things have changed and the world of publishing the written word – so different than when I put my first word on paper.

Dreaming about writing for children, writing in my head, or thinking about writing, isn’t writing. My dream unfolds today, with the written word visible to eyes besides my own. It’s a little bitty rhyme I wrote over the last two days.

There’s hardly a more beautiful and intimate, happy, precious and sweet moment as pictured here.

Happiness Unlimited

And so, two stanzas, a bit of simple fun, sans illustration.  I hope you enjoy it and share it with a child.

Round ‘n Round

A pin, a pebble, a pea

hid under a pillow, you see.

Pin just stayed in

Pebble rolled in

and pea was tucked under by me.


A penny, a pebble, a pea

seem all the same to me.

Round, in a way,

though each spends the day

in pocket, in kitchen, in sea.

~~Darylann Campbell