My category list is noticeable now, so if you pop in, and have a favorite , such as my humorous posts, in Funny Business, or my memoirs, in 25 Memory Lane, they’re easy to find in the drop down CATEGORIES menu.  There’s plenty going on, and I hope you find at least one category worth reading.  I’ve added the Scriggles and Squinks for the children’s literature, with more to come.

Re-blogging or linking,  seems equal to sharing a good book, a great hike, or introducing a good friend. Please do.

Since I’m the funniest woman on earth, the most pensive, serious woman, a creative artist, the nature and animal lover, the children’s writer and the auto-biographer, I think it’s best to funnel all of what is “me” into very specific categories.

I hope you like my writing styles, and comment now and then.  Thank you!

What happened to my freckles??