National Register of Historic Places in Califo...

National Register of Historic Places in California Radar Station B-71, Operations Building, Coastal Drive, Klamath vicinity, Del Norte County, CA; Building/structure dates: 1942 initial construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 8 years ago, when I lived in the desert of Southern California, my husband and I took a 3000 mile motorcycle trip up from Riverside County, through California, Oregon and Washington,  and back down the Pacific Coast. Being a native New Englander, I’d never been north of San Francisco – we were on a mission – considering retirement destinations.  As a child of an Air Force career man, Mark lived in Klamath  and Crescent City for part of his childhood, and remembered it fondly and vividly.  His father, stationed at Requa Triple 7 Radar site in Klamath, CA.

When we reached Humboldt County, I was captured by what I thought could be the place we’d choose to live. The trees, glorious trees, so many beautiful, sweet trees!  “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he told me.

What he was alluding to, were the giant redwoods, in Del Norte county, further north.  I’ve always loved trees, and as a teen, I often walked alone in the woods of Massachusetts, seeking peace and tranquility.  I touch trees, and they touch me.  When I saw the giants for the first time, from the back of the motorcycle, my eyes welled with tears – I was awestruck.  Pushing my head and shoulders backward, looking straight up –  I felt as if I had been  lifted into another world, an alternate reality.

It’s exceptionally difficult to capture or even explain how amazing this area is and unique these trees and this environment is.    The tallest living thing on earth, a coastal redwood, nicknamed “Hyperion,” measures 379.1 feet and is here, in Del Norte County. For the sake of preservation, I assume, the exact location remains a mystery for most people. Only 4% of old growth redwoods remain on earth, 96%  have long since been logged.  There have been good people who commit themselves to saving the remaining old growth redwoods.

Outside of my own front and back yards, there are many opportunities to commune with nature, and the giants.

Visit Stout Grove here  —->  Stout Grove.

Seen with my own eyes –

Looking up, Stout Grove

Old growth falls


Please add Del Norte county and the giant redwoods to your bucket list.   I recommend National Geographic’s 120 minute documentary “Climbing Redwood Giants.”  I believe it’s best viewed in one sitting.  In the documentary, you’ll see how the participants figured out how to show us exactly how GIANT, the redwood giants are.

For some historical and current coverage of the status of endangered and protected  California Redwood Forests, and ways you can help,  please visit here —>

If you’re ever in the area, or have decided to visit, don’t hesitate to contact me – I’m happy to be of assistance.  Thank you for reading!

Location in the state of California

Location in the state of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)