Ring, ring… Ring, ring…Ring, ring…  Hey, thanks for calling.  I can’t come to the phone now because I’m busy laughing. Please leave a message and I’ll get back with you as soon as  I can catch my breath…

I laugh at my own jokes,  even when no one else does.

I laugh when I see a video of me, that one of my family members took of me, doing something extraordinarily goofy.

I laugh when I perform funky walking routines, for the entertainment of others, or impersonate people and their voices, also for the benefit of my audience.

I laugh when I AM funny.

I laugh when I make people laugh.

I laugh when I think of something funny and I’m writing a blog.

I laugh when I dance around  spontaneously and keep it going.

I laugh when I watch my rabbits do binkies and other unexpected, unexplainable actions.

I laugh when my husband is in stitches because I’ve made him laugh so hard, he can hardly catch his breath.

I laugh at night, almost every night, because I’m like a little kid, and when it’s time for bed, and my husband can hardly keep his eyes open, I’m being a clown. And then, I laugh some more, before I mercifully stop.

I laugh when I’ve just finished a conversation, I start walking away and I know someone’s watching, and I sashay for as long as I think someone’s looking!

I laugh at my ponies, when they do the flehman response, or any other crazy horse antics.

I laugh at my husband when he makes his special “hold back the laughter” face, which is a quick action pursing of his lips, a small smile, a pursing of his lips, a small smile, a pursing….  Try it!

I laugh when other people laugh and I don’t need to know what they’re laughing at, either!

I laugh at my daughter’s verbal interpretations of what people look like, especially people who are opposites of  Adonis or Aphrodite.

I laugh when I tell myself a joke I’ve never heard before.  (  ??  )

I laugh when I dress myself in odd ways, such as just the other day, putting my overalls on backwards, and not even realizing it until it was time to buckle over.

I laugh at the way people use words incorrectly, or grammatically so wrong, that it feels like I just got a quick slap on the side of the head.

I laugh at the ridiculous things people say to their children in public, making sure that we hear…

I laugh at misspellings, especially when the misspelling is WAY out of the bounds of any language I’m familiar with.   e.g., cloisonné – clausina –  and yes, I actually saw this with my own eyes!

I laugh at myself every day.  There’s an endless supply of things to laugh at,  just within myself.

What makes YOU laugh?  Do you laugh at YOU?