What’s funny, anyway?

Humor on the East Coast – witty, insulting, wrought with sarcasm, dry as French vermouth, quick and runs as fast as the gingerbread man.

Humor on the West Coast – predictable, political, wrought with cliché, traditional, religious and curiously droll.  Redundant? Maybe.

I’ll bet your Grandma’s dentures that there’s other funny qualifiers poised between east and west!   I’m taking a flying leap here…. Hop on-

At the edge of a ranch in Gavilan Hills, an area of Riverside County of Southern California, someone  posted a two word sign,  “NEED DRIT.”  Fine.  So you need drit. Wait, what? DRIT? Did you say drit?  I suspect that English isn’t  the sign maker’s first language.  Perhaps the individual has dyslexia, can’t spell and posted, oblivious to the error. Perhaps that piece of wood was the only thing handy, the perfect size and the lettering fit neatly. We’ll know what he means, won’t we? I’m guessing that the need for drit was greater than the need to accurately communicate the need for drit. Maybe I need drit.  I’ll have to check my scrap wood supply posthaste.

Later, a playful citizen drove past, noted the sign, posted a “What is Drit” sign and finished with a hard-boiled, in your face  arrow, pointed at the misspelling. There’s one smooth operator.

A third humdinger came along, read both signs and blandly asked, “Where is your Punctuation?” Humdinger added a small, gentle arrow, pointed delicately to sign #2.   Hey, Slick!  Why did you capitalize ‘punctuation?’  Someone having delusions of grandeur?

When I think it’s all over, we’ve had our fun,  someone sees a glaring absence. Is there a business opportunity here?  Who could resist the delightful ignorance of everyone attending THIS party! Mr. Biz posted, “NEED SIGNS?  DRIT CHEAP! SPELLING FREE!”  A brilliant, tongue-in-cheek response. Oh, no!  Where’s the phone number?

Finally, the deflated denouement!  “Only in Hemet.”  Ironically, the sign rally wasn’t in Hemet.  Score!

What do YOU think?