As a fine mist floats vertically from the overcast sky, these eyes marvel at the force of gravity behaving so tenderly this morning. I know it’ll stop soon, and in every magical event that follows, all my senses are heightened by the tickling and teasing of Mother Earth.
I’m sorry! I forgot your anniversary! Don’t be hurt… One billion people, worldwide, demonstrated their commitment to making this planet greener and cleaner by celebrating your anniversary yesterday.  Did you miss me?
Every day is earth day. Would I attend a rally or formally support Earth Day – full of goodwill, dedication and even meaningful obligation? I think not. My actions demonstrate my obligations, every day. My eyes see, vessels for safekeeping all that I can hold in trust, from earth and sky.

I understand why human beings gather on Earth Day; possibilities explode in a numbers game.  The celebrations and activities on Earth Day might flip the light switch on, so to speak, in a curious individual.  And then again, human beings MUST be at the side of his neighbor for a sense of community.

The mist has disappeared for now, making way for a brighter day. We need to celebrate Earth Day everyday.  It’s easy –    stand quietly, and see.