Fog’s moving in more often now, morning and evening.  Last night, it came in low and fast from the west,  reminiscent of tide coming in  “The fog’s rolling in,” holds real meaning for me now.  Quite something to see – racing east across the front yard, feeding the redwood and spruce trees along the way. I imagine a child chasing the mist – feeling it on her skin, lighting on her eyelashes…

It’s a sure sign of spring, here in maritime Pacific Northwest, a blend of fog, spider webs with freckles of mist, tree frogs and blossoms on the fruit trees. And so many shades of green! Signs and more signs, still.

As the crow flies, I’m situated about 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean, and influenced deeply by Mother Earth, as I have been since I was a child.  I recall the days of walking the beach wall, alone, as a young girl, communing with the natural world.  Then, I was a short walk to the Atlantic. From one coast to another, I’m privileged and delighted to enlist all my senses and experience the ocean waves….  as well as the amazing diversity of life found here in my ocean “view.”